Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Magazine advert dissection

Time for another dissection. I saw these in a local magazine and loved them. They're from a prominent fashion label, and I assume these are corporately sponsored shots that are disseminated to smaller magazines. What I like is the simplicity. I think if most photographers tried something this simple, it would end up looking far too garish and ugly, whereas here I think it's stunning.

Setup shot:

I am positive it's a single light source. What I'm unsure of is the shape of the light and what kind of modifier was used. I do not think it's barebulb, the shadows are far too soft for that. It could possibly be a large beauty dish, but it's more likely an octobox or softbox, with a grid. The shadows are still quite hard for most shoots, so the light was definitely further away. The grey wall provides just a bit of bounce. You can see it open up the shadows of the guys face. It's possible there is some kind of bounce or reflector at the front of this room, angled so it doesn't add much to the wall (leaving the dark shadows intact) but keeping the clothing from going completely black. I'm unsure of this aspect though.

Great shoot, stunning images. I definitely want to try something like this in the future.

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  1. It's a beauty dish (small one, something like 42cm), with diffuser (called sock), set up ~1 meter above the model. The floor and background work as a diffusing panel.