Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So, doing some DIY for my Elinchrom Ranger Quadra.

First, hard plastic protection cap for transporting.

Next, and this isn't done yet, but a little sneak peak, is the speedring. This is all Aluminum, other than the bolt/screws, so it's actually quite light. I still need to dremel out the notch for the large retaining knob, and shave off most of the screw heads in the inside diameter. I really didn't like the design of the default Elinchrom adaptor, it does not keep the entire bulb inside a softbox, so I created mine to do that. The problem is that leaves no room for screw heads, so I have to shave them almost completely off.


  1. So what did you make the protective cap out of Ben?



  2. The diameter of the head where accessories attach is exactly 8cm. I found a black plastic plumbing pipe with exactly 8cm inner diameter, and the matching end cap. I cut the tube to be long enough to go from the ridge on the head, to past where the light tube sits. Then I glued the cap on, and used a rotary tool (dremel) to carve in the notches needed to attach it using the proprietary attachment system.

  3. Do you have plans to DIY a way to hold you wescott umbrellas?

  4. Yes sir. I bought a 6mm aluminum shaft from the hardware store (just 1 euro) and cut off a short length, wrapped on end in tape and jammed it into the hollow shaft. Now it slides right in the holder.