Saturday, July 12, 2008

Window light


My new project is to figure out a way to emulate this light with a flash. It's a large window to subject left, and it's a very bright, but overcast day out. The inside of this room is large (an old church) and the walls are dark. This contributes to the contrasty, dark shadows. The large window creates the soft light.

The two main problems:

Large light source for the soft shadows (my current 43" umbrellas aren't large enough)
Controlling the spill of light, so that it doesn't bounce around the room enough to fill in the shadow side.

My plan, is to use a 60" softliter umbrella that I've just purchased to provide the large lightsource. The fact it has a white diffusion screen on the front will hopefully make the light even softer than from my silver umbrella, while still controlling spill unlike the white shoot through umbrella (the white shoot through bounces all kinds of light out of the back, which will bounce around the room and raise the brightness of the ambient)

To darken the room, I'll use a black card, as well as wait until the outdoor lighting has gone down. I currently don't have a studio, so my options are limited.

I'll post again once I've properly tested this theory.

Here's another in the same setup.


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