Sunday, August 24, 2008

Overhead light part 2


I wanted to try the same light setup, but with a softer overhead light. I don't like the affect as much, but it's soft, while being directional, so I'll keep it in mind for future shoots where it might be more appropriate.

Setup shot:

2 Vivitar 285hv + morris slave flash
Overhead light at full power with morris slave velcroed to top,
at wide telephoto setting,
into silver umbrella with white diffuser,
light stand was at 2 meters height,
light was .3 meters in front of subject and directly above,
aimed directly down at face,
underlight at 1/128 power (hacked vivitar),
through 1/4 CTBlue gel,
at telephoto zoom setting,
light stand was at minimum height of .5 meters,
dead center of frame, aimed up at face.

The dead overhead direction gives it a definite harsh feel, even though the light is extremely soft. I changed to a blue gel, and one of less saturation, because I felt the coolness of the blue would match the softness of the main light better, and I want to start using less saturated gels for more subtle affect.

One more, with a less serious expression:


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