Tuesday, November 4, 2008



Settings: Ambient is about 4 stops underexposed. Two bare flashes zoomed to 105mm at full power on either side of the model and behind, aiming at the head to provide dual rim lights. These are 2 stops above neutral grey. Two studio strobes at 45 degree angles in front of the model at 1 stop above neutral grey. One was through a white umbrella, the other through a softbox.

This shoot was for an internal magazine where we write about various projects the company has going. Their is a rock band from inside the company called RoxoR, and we needed group and individual shots for the article. I had access to our studio lights, so I jumped at the opportunity to work with 4 lights at once. I used my normal lights as rim lights, and the studio strobes, one through a softbox and one through a shoot-through white umbrella.


The nice thing about this, is that there was so much wrap light, that the pose and angle of the head and body didn't matter much as long as they were standing within the same general spot. It's very clear and well lit, which was good for how fast I had to shoot all of these. Anything edgier would have taken a lot longer.


While it was fun for this shoot and will probably work well for the magazine, I'm not sure I'll try to repeat this light too often. I definitely enjoy more shadows and contrast, and this is a bit overly lit with two few shadows for my liking.

The rest of the set.

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