Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I did a location scout tonight. I've got a pretty good idea now of what subject I want, how they should pose, and what kind of lighting I'll use. I'm pretty excited.

Before shot:




I removed all the modern bits, the plaques and metal pipes and trashcan. Not only to make it look more timeless, but also to keep the visual attention up near the lights, where the subject's head will be. It was fairly easy, not too much original cloning. I just duplicated the layer and flipped it horizontally, then hid it all with a mask, and revealed it where the details I didn't want would be. That got rid of 90% of the stuff, then I just needed to clone out a few details, which I did on a new layer, so I could darken and color correct the cloned bits so they would match the background perfectly. I also did some selective sharpening to bring out the grit and details on the bricks and cobblestone, but left it off of any areas that looked too overcooked (mainly around the lights and the window panes).

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